Scoil na gCláirseach


Opinions and comments from Scoil 2006

It was a wonderful time!

- Karen Loomis (USA)

I'd just like to tell you how much I enjoyed the Scoil and how much I appreciate all your work in organising and keeping the event running ... the music was fantastic and the classes outstanding. I have about 10 years work to use eveything!

- Neil Hudson (Derby, England)

It was an amazing experience and by far the most in-depth instruction I've been able to have. Intense and immeasurably rewarding. I'll definitely be going back as often as I can. Thanks to Siobahn, Ann, Javier, Simon and all the rest who made it such a rewarding experience.

- Robert Kirkpatrick (USA)

... It was and it will be, the best harp course! See you all next summer and thank you Siobhán, Ann, Javier, and well as all the good people I met over the scoil...

- Vicente La Camera (Gran Canaria, Spain)

Every tutor at the school was a surprise and a delight

- Gwen Knighton (USA / London, England)

...of course the scoil was its usual intense cho-o-bloc of lessons, lectures and lunches to die for...

- John-Paul Patton (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

I'm looking forward to another summer at the Scoil someday... it was fabulous!

- Beth Richard (Texas, USA)

What a marvelous experience Scoil was... fabulous instructors, wonderful musicians, awesome food... and the list goes on and on...

- Debi Rogers (USA)

I had to pinch myself every morning when I was walking down a street in Ireland with my harp on my shoulder and arriving at a class full of wonderful people and being taught by the very people that I have only dreamed about ever meeting!

- Colleen Politi (Arizona, USA)

...I think I'll meet you all at the Scoil na gClairseach 2007 - because this is the best harp workshop ever...

- Barbara Karlik (Poland)

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FROM 2005...

It was such a wonderful week and I have to start saving now for next year. I cannot do without going to this event, it was the perfect event for me.

- Jacqueline Lynaugh (California, USA)

It was a real honour as a beginner to be educated by the best in the world and this goes for the quality of the lectures given as well as the practical instruction... hearing Ann's research into strings and the use of gold gave a real sense of being part of something wonderful and cutting edge, as did getting to see and play the excellent Trinity replicas provided by the school for students.

- John-Paul Patton (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

I am still totally in love with my Trinity replica I bought over in Kilkenny. We will come back....

-Astrid Adler (Clare, Ireland)

I'd a really fantastic few days down in Kilkenny, thanks so much to Siobhán, Javier, Anne and Simon! Such a good time that I don't want to have to wait until next summer for more of the same...

- N.T. (Dublin, Ireland)

Thank you so much for such a packed and truly exciting week of harp events!

- Jade Hamilton (England)

it was a great few days in Kilkenny. I'm still buzzing

- Mícheál Ó Catháin (Ireland)

My head is full of information and I feel that I know more about the early Gaelic harp than I ever did, but I also know, that it's not even one tenth of what we would like to know...

- Barbara Karlik (Poland)

...the Scoil was really special. I want to thank you for your excellent work in organising the Scoil and making the wire-strung harp accessible to me and others with a similar passion

- Martin Casey (Ireland)

Thank you for a fantastic week in Kilkenny. It was a time of learning and inspiration, not just for me but for all of us.

- Paul Best (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Honestly, the lessons, the music, the food, the laughs, the atmosphere, the pure pleasure in being there are still with me. I had a great time!

- Róisín Allen (Ireland)

FROM 2004...

Scoil na gCláirseach was one of the most magical and inspiring workshops I have ever been to... Having been introduced to the sweetness of the Irish wire-strung harp only last autumn, I was very excited about the event taking place at home here in Ireland and I had very high hopes. I was not disappointed!
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I should have written before now to thank you for everything: It was truly inspiring!

- Harriet Grindley (Scotland)

All in all, I had one great time in the SE part of Ireland; made many new friends...You have a loyal appreciative fan on the Pacific North West of the USA.

- Barbara Leary (Seattle, USA)

I've come back with pleasure for the second consecutive year in Scoil na gCláirseach. This experience has enriched my knowledge of the Wire-Strung Harp's practice a lot. I thank you all for the hearty reception given me and the warm hospitality offered me as well and in particular I want to thank teachers Siobhan, Ann and Bill, who always were very patient and careful with me. See you soon next year!

- Silvano Betelli (Italy)

I really enjoyed the summer school. I would love to return to Ireland and spend my time for this beautiful instrument.

- Naoto Kuwahara (Japan)

Well done to you for organising such a successful week, it was super inspiring and I loved it very much.

- Róisín Allen (Ireland)

I have a LOT of material to work on. I also liked your arrangements of "Da Mihi Manum" and "Carolan's Farewell to Music" ... Many thanks!

- Paul Best (Northern Ireland)

AND FROM 2003...

Bia, Ól, Craic agus Ceol!
Any event starting with free wine a-plenty is bound to create an expectation and this one lived up to it. Before I knew it, I was plunged into a five-day series of classes and lectures along with a lot of lovely people I'd never met before and who seemed just as lovely by the end of the week...
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I had a marvellous time there, it was really inspiring studying with Ann and Siobhán and all the other students were super too. It was also great to have the history lectures and viewing the old harps as part of the course, really put it in context.

- Simon Chadwick (England)

... the harp school was I think for everyone a great experience. I went as a beginner and was deeply honoured to receive lessons from such excellent players. It was also great to meet people with a shared interest and the teacher's concert was pure magic!

- John-Paul Patton (Northern Ireland)

... just thanks, thanks, thanks for a great exciting week...Just thought I'd let you know what a great job you did in organizing the wire harp course, running it, cooking so wonderfully etc etc. It was really lovely to meet you and thanks for a great 5 days. Thanks too for all the other kind things you did that made the course/stay so good. I learnt loads and would love to continue learning how to play this gorgeous harp.

- Ruth Wall (England)

Thanks for arranging the school for us. I thought you were both great tutors.

- Graham Steele (England)

Flora had a great time at the event and still talks about her experiences daily. A lot is owed to the fact that everyone there talked to her freely and made her feel at home being the only child on the school. Marie and I thank you and the other participants for being thoughtful and considerate in this way. We hope to see you all again in the near future.

- Mark & Marie Bramwell (Scotland)

I'm writing now to thank you again for everything you have done for me! I enjoyed the summer school very much! It was very interesting to meet you and Ann, and all the others of course!

- Anastasia Razvalyaeva (Hungary)

I've been meaning to write to you to thank you for a great week. I'm already looking forward to next year and YES I'm still practising.

- Maura Uí Chroinín (Ireland)